About Us

Phil Coffee Company, is an Artisan Coffee Roaster established in 2011. At Phil Coffee Company, coffee beans are sourced from all over the world, roasted in small batches and extracted with care; all for the one and only intention -- to serve world class coffee to Coffee Lovers in Thailand!
At Phil Coffee Company, we roast our coffee weekly in small batches, so you’ll never have to drink it when its past its best. Part science and part craft, the roasting of coffee is an integral part of the journey that leads coffee cherries from the tree to your cup.
Coffee culture in Thailand is relatively young compared to its neighbouring countries. Although it has been developing in recent years, coffee culture in Thailand is still dominated by Kafe Boran. Specialty Coffee has not been heard of until recently. Phil Coffee Company's vision is to become one of the pioneers to build and develop the coffee culture in Thailand.
Many ask "who is Phil?". Well, Phil is not a person, it is a team. P.H.I.L, is taken from the initials of each founder; which in Greek, it also means LOVE.
PHIL Coffee Company is founded by Han and sisters, Jaszmine (I Ping) and I Wuen Wang. Han first went to University of Melbourne to study Psychology but found himself fascinated by the coffee culture in the country. His interest in coffee further deepens when he visited a coffee roastery in Taiwan by chance. He then decided to give up his studies to learn about coffee roasting in Taiwan. 
After a short training in Taiwan, he bought a coffee roaster and tonnes (literally) of coffee beans to Bangkok and began experimenting in a small shop tucked in an alley of Bangna. It was a difficult time but thankfully Han was not alone, he met and made friends with coffee enthusiasts in Bangkok and they were willing to share their love of coffee and knowledge with Han. It the took him 3 years to understand coffee; from roasting, brewing, extracting, to tasting. In this ever developing field, Han is constantly learning new knowledge about coffee.
Phil Coffee Company slowly gained trust and recognition in Bangkok's coffee industry and now supplies coffee to some of the finest cafés and restaurants in Bangkok. In 2014, Phil Coffee Company moved from Bangna to Sukhumvit 61 and has since then joined the coffee revolution in Thailand. In 2019 October, we have recently relocated again to Sukhumvit 51 neighborhood.
Phil Coffee Company grew and blossomed as a family team and will continue to grow with the love and supports from coffee lovers in Thailand!